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Positioning on the road

If you drive, and road has 2 lanes, left lane with arrows showing turning left and drive straight, and right lane showing turning right and drive straight arrow – position your car in left lane, because in right-sided driving when left lane is empty the car should be positionted on it, if it’s busy then [...]

LADA routine

L.A.D.A – Look, assess, decide and act The L.A.D.A driving routine is used when closely approaching a traffic system such as a roundabout or junction after the M.S.P.S.L routine has been completed

MSPSL routine

M.S.P.S.L – Mirror, signal, position, speed and look M.S.P.S.L is an updated type of the familiar MSM – Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre routine.

S.C.A.L.P routine or stopping a car

S.C.A.L.P – Safe, convenient and legal position This is the one that catches most people out on their driving test. The routine is designed to make sure you park the car safely, legally and with good control. When stopping at the left side, the kerb should “enter at the middle” of front window of the [...]

D.S.S.M routine or Cockpit drill or cockpit check

D.S.S.M – Door, seat, steering, seat belt and mirror Also known as “the cockpit check” – is a process for setting the car up to secure, comfortably and safely drive with proper visibility for your upcoming driving. You should carry out this routine before before moving off the car.

Crossroads turning right

The most often used rule for crossroads is that a car turning right must give way.This is of course unless signs or road markings tell you otherwise. When turning right at a crossroad, by default, if there are no arrows you should normally assume traffic will pass nearside to nearside (left side of your car [...]

Position at roundabout

Position left – if you need 1st exist Position left – if you need 2nd exist. 2nd exist could be straight driving Position right – if you need 2nd exist and you see information to position right even for 2nd exist. 2nd exist could be straight driving Position right – if you need 3rd, 4rd, [...]

Priority on crossroads with main and slip roads

When emerging from a crossroads, oncoming traffic has priority of way over traffic that’s turning right regardless if oncoming traffic is turning left or going straight. However, even if you don’t have priority, the other driver may want you to let you proceed before them in some situations, so try to watch carefully and work [...]

P.O.M routine or moving off the car

P.O.M – Prepare, observe and move/manoeuvre Prepare 1. Make sure the gear shift is in “P” 2. Make sure the handbrake is fully on 3. Put your right foot leg on the brake pedal and press down 4. Start the car using the key or start button 5. Having right leg still on the brake [...]

Parallel parking or (one-two-one steering)

5 Steps: 1. Position your car parallel to the car за которой ты будешь парковаться, switch to R, does 6 points check and start slowly moving backwards. 2. When back light of the parallel car appears in rear side window of my car do 1st turn left (in) and continue moving. 3. When rear door [...]