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How-to deal with oncoming car on residental roads having stationary cards or obstructions

1. A – obstruction on my side, road driveway for both cars, oncoming car has the same distance to obstruction as me – don’t slow down or stop as i can pass the obstruction on my wide of the road without crossing the central broken line. 2. B – obstruction on my side, road is [...]

How-to mirrors when switching the lanes – return to left lane after passing obstruction

When passing the obstruction and return to left lane – check you left mirror after you pass the stationary car or any obstruction. It is logical to check if stationary car started moving or any motorcyclist turned into the road on the left and now could be on your left.

How-to mirrors when switching the lanes – right lane

If you are driving along the road (on the left lane) and want to switch to right lane – quickly check / glimpse the right mirror to check if it is safe to do so, if it’s safe – signal right and change the lane. It is not logical to change to right lane without [...]

How-to know correct position when turning right from main road to side road

To find right position before doing right turn manoeuvre – position your car’s right mirror inline with side road’s central broken line

How-to measure how wide is the car, if it can go through between two cars or obstructions on both sides

To be able to measure how wide your car is – check wideness of your windscreen and think if windscreen can go through your obstructions on sides means that car also can do that

How-to position your car when driving right lane

When you position your car in right lane – right windscreen wiper has to finish on road middle broken line. If it is so and you look to your right mirror you will see that car positioned at the correct distant from road broken line.

How driver should think

Driver uses 4 senses during driving and in driving assessment – vision, sound, smell. Think it is work and steering wheel is like a mouse in computer

Most useful is MSPL routine

For effective driving use MSPL all the time. Only on T junctions and roundabouts LADA routine could be more useful

Assess the distance to the vehicle behind in mirrors

If driver seems vehicle in interior and side mirror (left or right) – the vehicle behind is near. If driver seems the vehicle only in interior mirror but not in any of side mirorrs – vehicle behind is far. Such assessment could be helpful when driver makes decision on whether to change lanes or not.

Assessment of the road for driver

While driving look far ahead and try to assess well ahead as much as u can. Same as when playing chess it is important to assess and predict how the current combination would develop.