Buy car insurance before buying a car

Unlike america in the uk youve gotta get the insurance for your self for a specific car. You have to have insurance that actually covers the car. Otherwise, the car isnt insured.

Method 1:
Often if you have fully comprehensive insurance on an existing car you are covered to drive other cars.
You could buy a temporary cover

Method 2:
1. Go to dealer and find a car you want to buy
2. Write down it’s registration number
3. Go to insurance company website, write registration number and when did you buy the on not bought yet. Thats how you check the insurance before buying the car.
4. (Optional) Keep in mind, some car sellers give you free 7 days of car insurance for you so you can drive it home straight way and get the insurance the next day or whatever (mainly on new cars). Its always worth asking if the garage does that.

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