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Temporary car insurance

Kia Rio it is possible to pay by card If i pay by card full amount it will charge me £67 transaction fee

How to measure mileage

low mileage is typically 4000 not exactly but if you drive on weekends only it will be 5000 max well if you were driving at max speed 30 mph in one hour in reality you probably did 10 miles each hour so 40 hours – 400 miles MAX driving in town or city is slow

How to save on car insurance

1. Engine size – 1.4 engine is chepaer car insurance than 1.6. Anything above 1.6 is expensive (tip given by a colleague) 2. Annual mileage – 5000 miles a year is cheaper insurance than 9000 miles a year. If you drive on weekends only it will be 5000 max (tip given by a colleague) 3. [...]

Car with armrest candidates to buy shortlist

Kia Rio Toyota Auris (+ Road tax £0;Hybrid Petrol/Electric engine, -Hand brake located almost vertically) Toyota Corolla Honda Civic Honda Insight Vauxhall Astra Ford Focus Honda Jazz year 2014 (has high armrest), year 2017 (has armrest framing hand brake) Mazda Tamura Additional cars: Volkswagen Bora Audo A1/A3 BMW 116 i p.s. I would go for [...]

Buy car insurance before buying a car

Unlike america in the uk youve gotta get the insurance for your self for a specific car. You have to have insurance that actually covers the car. Otherwise, the car isnt insured. Method 1: Often if you have fully comprehensive insurance on an existing car you are covered to drive other cars. You could buy [...]

Car buying checks

Buy a car from a dealer, otherwise check all the following yourself. Check the following paperworks: 1. The vehicle registration certification (V5C). Typically a red and blue piece of paper, it shouldn’t be a photocopy or computer print out. And the document serial number needs to be checked V5C checks: Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) [...]

Car running costs

Car running costs estimate calculator Car insurance – Which will be expensive for new drivers, especially the under-25s. Road tax – Unless you’re getting a car in Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) band A, an electric vehicle, or one built prior to 1973, you will have to pay road tax. MOT test – After a car [...]

Car Insurance has groups from 1 – 50

Cheapest is group 1 which has the following cars (all of the are hatchback): 1. Volkswagen Polo 2. Nissan Micra 3. Skoda Citigo 4. Volkswagen up! 5. Ford Ka+ 6. Smart ForFour 7. Ford Fiesta 8. Hyundai i10