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Car candidates to buy shortlist

Honda Insight Honda Civic Audi A1/A3 Nissan Juke

Buy car insurance before buying a car

Unlike america in the uk youve gotta get the insurance for your self for a specific car. You have to have insurance that actually covers the car. Otherwise, the car isnt insured. Method 1: Often if you have fully comprehensive insurance on an existing car you are covered to drive other cars. You could buy [...]

Car buying checks

Buy a car from a dealer, otherwise check all the following yourself. Check the following paperworks: 1. The vehicle registration certification (V5C). Typically a red and blue piece of paper, it shouldn’t be a photocopy or computer print out. And the document serial number needs to be checked V5C checks: Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) [...]

Car running costs

Car running costs estimate calculator Car insurance – Which will be expensive for new drivers, especially the under-25s. Road tax – Unless you’re getting a car in Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) band A, an electric vehicle, or one built prior to 1973, you will have to pay road tax. MOT test – After a car [...]

Car Insurance has groups from 1 – 50

Cheapest is group 1 which has the following cars (all of the are hatchback): 1. Volkswagen Polo 2. Nissan Micra 3. Skoda Citigo 4. Volkswagen up! 5. Ford Ka+ 6. Smart ForFour 7. Ford Fiesta 8. Hyundai i10