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How-to get moved on a busy road to turn right

Move half way and then wait and turn right (Same way i did in Pinner)

On the traffic light passed the crossroad and right traffic light turned on

In such situation continue your driving to clean the road. Continue driving towards next exit on the road. If you crossed the stop line at the traffic light before traffic light turned red then you must continue driving and follow the road signals ahead

Signal before turning left or right

Do the following routine заблоговременно как только поступила инструкция turn left or right Always before signaling check: 1. Interior mirror, 2. Exterior mirror to the side of turning (left or right), 3. Signal left or right

LADA routine

L.A.D.A – Look, assess, decide and act The L.A.D.A driving routine is used when closely approaching a traffic system such as a roundabout or junction after the M.S.P.S.L routine has been completed

S.C.A.L.P routine or stopping a car

S.C.A.L.P – Safe, convenient and legal position This is the one that catches most people out on their driving test. The routine is designed to make sure you park the car safely, legally and with good control. When stopping at the left side, the kerb should “enter at the middle” of front window of the [...]

D.S.S.M routine or Cockpit drill or cockpit check

D.S.S.M – Door, seat, steering, seat belt and mirror Also known as “the cockpit check” – is a process for setting the car up to secure, comfortably and safely drive with proper visibility for your upcoming driving. You should carry out this routine before before moving off the car.

How-to mirrors in general driving

The general rule while driving use interior mirror. Driver should be able to see everything needed through interior mirror. Interior mirror gives a true picture. Adjust the interior mirror when the car is stationary and you are seated in your normal driving position. You should be able to frame the whole of the rear window [...]