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Parking at night in a road

Park with parking lights on if speed is higher than 30mph. Also park in a direction of traffic flow and not close to the junction.

Uk Road Lines

In the UK, there are many roadway lines that drivers need to pay attention to while traveling in their cars: Broken white centre line: this dashed line down the centre of the carriageway divides traffic traveling in opposite directions. The dashes and the gaps between them are roughly the same size. Broken white hazard warning [...]

Car external lights

Use headlights when visibility is reduced and cannot see more than 100 meters. Dipped headlights (ближний свет) dipped – опущенный, погружённый Dipped lights tilt downwards, giving you extra visibility without dazzling oncoming traffic. They used most of the times. They’re basically the middle step, between just your side lights and full beam They’re safe to [...]

Tram Light Signals

When notify licensing authority

1. If your health affects your driving 2. If your eyesight does not meet a set standard 3. If you change your vehicle

Warning triangle distance

Put it at least 45 metres (147 feet) behind your broken-down vehicle on the same side of the roa  

An organized walk

An organized walk = At a night a pedestrian wearing reflective clothing and carrying a bright red light

Stopping distance explained

Overall stopping distance = when you think and brake together mph = miles per hour   20 mph = 12 meters (40 feet) 30 mph = 23 meters (75 feet) 40 mph = 36 meters (120 feet) 50 mph = 53 meters (175 feet) 60 mph = 73 meters (240 feet) 70 mph = 96 [...]

Vehicle siren beacon colours

BLUE Ambulance (including lone paramedics on equipped motorcycles and organ transportation) Police Fire service Coastguard Mountain or cave rescue Bomb disposal (military or civilian) GREEN Doctor (any vehicle used by a medical practitioner registered by the General Medical Council whether with full, provisional or limited registration) AMBER Statutory immobilisation or removal vehicle Breakdown vehicle Road [...]

Pedestrian crossings

1. Zebra crossing 2. Pelican crossing – means Pedestrian Light Controlled Crossing. Has flashing amber light phase for pedestrians to finish crossing before switching to red. 3. Puffin crossing – means Pedestrian User-Friendly Intelligent crossings. Light automatically controlled by sensor. 4. Toucan crossing – means Two-Can Cross. Similar to pelican crossing except no need for [...]