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Check mirrors often / always before maneouvre

It is rule for safety. If you moving to right lane – before signaling right check right mirror for traffic following you, if it’s safe switch. If you returning to left lane, check left mirror first if it’s safe signal left and start moving to the left. When exiting roundabout and signaling left check right [...]

Existing roundabouts from the right lane

If you need to leave in exit 3 and you in the right lane on roundabout already, once you driving along on the right lane and approacing exit 2 check left mirror and if ok point your car towards left lane with direct strering knowing that you are the blocker for cars waiting in exit [...]

Judging speed at a crossroad and roundabout when waiting at a stop line

When you waiting at a stop line and have a car on your right judge whether to go or not this way: At a crossroad – if you have a time to walk through the road till the other side (till the kerb on the other side) then go, means car on your right is [...]

What is blocker in roundabout

Blocker – is a car which blocks a car on your right, so you can go while car on the right blocked by it’s blocker

Chewing gum

When driving chew a chewing gum, it make you relaxed

Vehicle registration document

It is also called V5C or logbook. Never buy a car without V5C.

Vehicle siren beacon colours

BLUE Ambulance (including lone paramedics on equipped motorcycles and organ transportation) Police Fire service Coastguard Mountain or cave rescue Bomb disposal (military or civilian) GREEN Doctor (any vehicle used by a medical practitioner registered by the General Medical Council whether with full, provisional or limited registration) AMBER Statutory immobilisation or removal vehicle Breakdown vehicle Road [...]

Pedestrian crossings

1. Zebra crossing 2. Pelican crossing – means Pedestrian Light Controlled Crossing. Has flashing amber light phase for pedestrians to finish crossing before switching to red. 3. Puffin crossing – means Pedestrian User-Friendly Intelligent crossings. Light automatically controlled by sensor. 4. Toucan crossing – means Two-Can Cross. Similar to pelican crossing except no need for [...]

What is the minimum age for someone to supervise a person who is learning to drive?

The supervisor must be at least 21 years old and must have held his or her own full licence in the EU for three years.

When turn on hazard light

When should hazard lights be activated while you are driving? – On motorway or dual carriageway to warn motorists behind you of hazards ahead. Explanation: On a motorway or dual carriageway, if you see a hazard ahead, you can use your hazard lights to alert motorists behind you to the hazard. They will be able [...]