Tolcarne Drive Rule (Pinner Driving Centre)

In whole Tolcarne Drive keep speed 20 miles per hour until you reach Catlins Lane, Cookoo Street or Joel Street !

From Pinner Driving Centre there is no straight road, it is either turn left or turn right !

If examiner directed you / choosed route to turn left (towards Catlins Lane or Cookoo Street) from Pinner Driving Center (similar to your 1st exam) then signal left, then again left and wait until road is clear, then join the main road.
On your way back signal right, then signal right and stop, observe the road (no car coming from Pinner Driving Centre, then turn right towards the centre)

If examiner directed you / choosed route to turn right (towards Joel street) from Pinner Driving Centre then signal right, wait the give way sign, you may ask the examiner to move back so you can see the left side of the road clearly, when the main road is clean then join it, when you pass the school and Harlyn road on the left there is bend to the left, slow down to see if any car on the road already, if there is then stop as early as possible and give way to oncoming car as narrow (left and right side has parked cars) so only one car can go through it. If at the other end no cars or car is waiting to give way to you then drive on.
On your way back to Pinner Driving Centre, signal left and once you left the main road slow down and wait if any car is coming from the Pinner Driving Center as the entrance road is narrow, allows only one car.

If on your way back from Catlins Lane, you will be asked to turn left – remember it goes towards Harlyn Street with 2 entrances to the road, use 1st entrance on the right to join the road (turn right), at the end of the road is sharp bend, use 1st sharp turn right and wait and check left and right side of Tolcarne Drive before joining it.

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