When can i use the bus lane with set of times ?

Set of time shows peak time. Peak time are usually in the mornings when people go to work and afternoon when people return home from work. During these times trains use the rails more often and buses use bus lane more often as well, so no disturbance of bus operation allowed. Use lane in time opposite to peak times.

This bus sign is for information. The time on the sign shows what time bus uses the lane more heavily and no disturbance to bus is allowed. The driver should use the lane at the time outside of shown hours, it’s safe and convenient, unless there is an obstruction or you’re turning right soonNot using a bus lane when you’re allowed could result in a driving test fail.

So, use the bus lane after 10 am and until 4 pm and  after 7 pm until 7 am during Monday – Saturday and all day on Sunday

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