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Reverse bay parking

Position your car exterior mirror inline with line on the tarmac – you will be parking the 3rd bay back of your car. Moving car into the bay – First, in stationary mode turn the steering wheel full lock to the direction of your parking. Then check once again that it is safe to move, [...]


RPM – revolutions per minute, the number of rotations around a fixed axis in one minute. Car’s engine and computer’s hard-drive speed measured in RPMs. Скорость вращения измеряется в оборотах в минуту

Front bay parking

General rule – move slowly, steer quickly to full left lock or full right lock. Very slowly reverse the car. Imagine a slow walking pace as an indication of speed. Don’t forget about observation and reference points. Stop reference mark for moving a car into the bay – parking line on the tarmac inline with [...]

How-to mirrors in general driving

The general rule while driving use interior mirror. Driver should be able to see everything needed through interior mirror. Interior mirror gives a true picture. Adjust the interior mirror when the car is stationary and you are seated in your normal driving position. You should be able to frame the whole of the rear window [...]