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Most difficult things when start driving

1. Parking. No matter if you drive automatic or manual you will struggle parking the car especially parallel parking 2. Positioning

Four crossroad types

1. Cross road with yellow box junction Rules: No entry if the exit is not clear. You can stop at the yellow box only if you are turning right and you are blocked to finish turning right by oncoming traffic or by other vehicles already waiting to turn right. 2. Controlled cross road There will [...]

Reverse bay parking

Position your car exterior mirror inline with line on the tarmac – you will be parking the 3rd bay back of your car. Moving car into the bay – First, in stationary mode turn the steering wheel full lock to the direction of your parking. Then check once again that it is safe to move, [...]


RPM – revolutions per minute, the number of rotations around a fixed axis in one minute. Car’s engine and computer’s hard-drive speed measured in RPMs. Скорость вращения измеряется в оборотах в минуту