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Narrow road rules or when road available only for one car

It’s not actually law, but the advice is that if the obstruction is on your side of the road, then you should give way. If both sides of the road are restricted, the safest thing to do is stop (because you take control of the situation). If the obstruction (obstacle) is on your side and [...]

Gap between front car

When stopping at the traffic light make sure you see the wheels of the car in front.

Turning left routine

When you turning left do the following: 1. Check interior mirror 2. Check left mirror If it’s safe 3. Indicate the signal

Exterior mirrors

The more you see side of the car in exterior mirrors the more blindspot is. The side of the car should be seen in mirror only little bit.

Slip road

Slip road is the road that merges with dual carriageway or motoroad and finishes later on. It helps your you to build right speed and the dual carriageway or more often a motorway more smoothly. Sometimes slip road becomes a road itself. You must change lane after you emerged into dual carriageway or motorway as [...]

Less space less speed

Golden rule – less space less speed. When there are not enough space, narrow roads, obstructions reduce the speed down

On the traffic light passed the crossroad and right traffic light turned on

In such situation continue your driving to clean the road. Continue driving towards next exit on the road. If you crossed the stop line at the traffic light before traffic light turned red then you must continue driving and follow the road signals ahead

Signal before turning left or right

Do the following routine заблоговременно как только поступила инструкция turn left or right Always before signaling check: 1. Interior mirror, 2. Exterior mirror to the side of turning (left or right), 3. Signal left or right

Four crossroad types

1. Cross road with yellow box junction Rules: No entry if the exit is not clear. You can stop at the yellow box only if you are turning right and you are blocked to finish turning right by oncoming traffic or by other vehicles already waiting to turn right. 2. Controlled cross road There will [...]

Positioning on the road

If you drive, and road has 2 lanes, left lane with arrows showing turning left and drive straight, and right lane showing turning right and drive straight arrow – position your car in left lane, because in right-sided driving when left lane is empty the car should be positionted on it, if it’s busy then [...]