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On the traffic light passed the crossroad and right traffic light turned on

In such situation continue your driving to clean the road. Continue driving towards next exit on the road. If you crossed the stop line at the traffic light before traffic light turned red then you must continue driving and follow the road signals ahead

Signal before turning left or right

Do the following routine заблоговременно как только поступила инструкция turn left or right Always before signaling check: 1. Interior mirror, 2. Exterior mirror to the side of turning (left or right), 3. Signal left or right

Four crossroad types

1. Cross road with yellow box junction Rules: No entry if the exit is not clear. You can stop at the yellow box only if you are turning right and you are blocked to finish turning right by oncoming traffic or by other vehicles already waiting to turn right. 2. Controlled cross road There will [...]

Positioning on the road

If you drive, and road has 2 lanes, left lane with arrows showing turning left and drive straight, and right lane showing turning right and drive straight arrow – position your car in left lane, because in right-sided driving when left lane is empty the car should be positionted on it, if it’s busy then [...]

Crossroads turning right

When turning right at a crossroad, by default, if there are no arrows you should normally assume traffic will pass nearside to nearside (left side of your car opposite left side of the other car). Also, a sign on the tarmac might require you to pass offside to offside (right side of your car opposite [...]

Position at roundabout

Position left – if you need 1st exist Position left – if you need 2nd exist. 2nd exist could be straight driving Position right – if you need 2nd exist and you see information to position right even for 2nd exist. 2nd exist could be straight driving Position right – if you need 3rd, 4rd, [...]

Priority on crossroads with main and slip roads

When emerging from a crossroads, oncoming traffic has priority of way over traffic that’s turning right regardless if oncoming traffic is turning left or going straight. However, even if you don’t have priority, the other driver may want you to let you proceed before them in some situations, so try to watch carefully and work [...]

P.O.M routine or moving off the car

P.O.M – Prepare, observe and move 1. Make sure the gear shift is in “P” 2. Make sure the handbrake is fully on 3. Press the brake pedal with your foot and hold it 4. Turn the ignition key clockwise, as soon as the engine revs up leave the key in on position 5. Move [...]

Parallel parking or (one-two-one)

This maneuvre also called one – two – one because it consists of one left turn of steering wheel followed by 2 right turns and again one left turn of steering wheel. 1. Position your car parallel to another parked car, side of your car should be within distance of 1 meter of another car. [...]

Front bay parking

General rule – move slowly, steer quickly to full left lock or full right lock. Very slowly reverse the car. Imagine a slow walking pace as an indication of speed. Don’t forget about observation and reference points. Stop reference mark for moving a car into the bay – parking line on the tarmac inline with [...]