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Controlled Parking Zone

A Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) is an area where all on-street parking is controlled. The times on the sign shows when parking regulations are in force for single yellow lines and parking bays. All double yellow lines are enforced 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Some individual parking spaces, including resident bays, may have [...]

Avoid using bus lane for anytime – 24 hours

  Never use bus lane with the following information traffic sign. It means that bus uses the lane 24 hours a day, basically anytime anyday.

Bus lane with sets of time

Set of time shows peak time. Peak time are usually in the mornings when people go to work and afternoon when people return home from work. During these times trains use the rails more often and buses use bus lane more often as well, so no disturbance of bus operation allowed. Use lane in time [...]

Dashboard green and blue symbols

Blue and green symbols on the dashboard illuminate to illustrate a utility if running. Main beam headlights are running Front fog lights are running Amber, orange or yellow dashboard lights symbolise something requires attention Red lights will generally symbolise something needs needs attention much sooner Red flashing lights or lights accompanied by an audible sound [...]