Narrow road rules or when road available only for one car

It’s not actually law, but the advice is that if the obstruction is on your side of the road, then you should give way.
If both sides of the road are restricted, the safest thing to do is stop (because you take control of the situation).

If the obstruction (obstacle) is on your side
and you see oncoming traffic – then you give way to oncoming traffic waiting behind the obstruction and pass when safe to do so.
You should not overtake the obstruction if it may cause oncoming traffic to swerve or slow down. Actually, It’s the same for all overtaking whether the “obstacle” is stationary or not.
if no oncoming traffic – move out as early as possible.

If the obstruction is on the other side, take a bold position – towards the centre line – but be prepared to give up space, through sidewyas movement or braking, if the other driver is intent on coming through anyway.

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