Parallel parking or (one-two-one steering)

5 Steps:

1. Position your car parallel to the car за которой ты будешь парковаться, switch to R, does 6 points check and start slowly moving backwards.

2. If a car parked in front (same direction as you) then – When back light of the parked car appears in rear window of my car do 1st turn left (in) and continue moving.
If a car parked in back (opposite direction to you) then – When your left side mirror gets parallel to middle pillar of the parked car do 1st turn left (in) and continue moving.

3. When rear door handle “touches” the kerb do 1st turn right. (Alternatively, if u turn on navigation monitor, rear blue line touches the kerb).
Another reference is: tarmac between kerb and your cars looks like a triangle in the mirror ( ideal for that top leftmost blindspot mirror) and in navigation monitor.
4. When kerb between rear and front door handles do 2nd turn right.
(Alternatively, on navigation monitor kerb is between middle blue line and red line.)

As a result, rear of the car will streighten and get parallel to the kerb.

6. Turn 2nd turn left and slightly adjust (move) car backward or forward to get appropriate distance to the car/s in front and behind yours.

p.s. If during maneouvre another car will be moving in the road just stop on any step you are and wait until that car passes you.