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Narrow road giving way to oncoming car technique

When you driving in empty space between cars on the left side of the road (never on the right side, except parking) do: 1 steering left then 2 steering right and stop, wait for the oncoming car to pass. The technique same as parallel parking, the difference is in parallel car moving reverse when gettng [...]

When turning right into main road 3 times check

Check 3 times – right, left and right again and then turn right.

When good time to signal

From main road to side road – 6 car length (do it early enough to prepare traffic behind for your manouevre) From side road to main road – 4-6 car length (you can do it later as it’s side road so less critical than being on main road)

Priorities in emerging on crossroads

The general rule for priorities when emerging from crossroads is that right turning traffic should give way to oncoming traffic. The vehicle with the priority in the following example if the two minor side roads were one major road, however do not assume that the other driver will comply. Despite not having priority the other [...]

Roundabout exiting on 3rd lane problem explained

If you are exiting on right hand lane – while existing have a look to left lane for any overtaking car/motorcycle, overtaking is not possible because u occupied right lane If you are exiting on left hand lane – while existing have a look to right lane for any undertaking car/motorcycle, undertaking is not possible [...]

Turning right (from main road to side road)

Make sure the side road brake line is on top of your right side mirror and turn right, then you precisely get rightly into the side road middle