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Slow down when approaching zebra crossing for safe driving

When approaching zebra crossing always slow down. Pedestrian might decide to cross in last minute, so you must be ready to stop and let them cross. Any pedestrian spotted on pavements left or right side crossing means you must slow down to 5 miles per hour or less and be ready to stop.

Hatch end roundabouts

1st roundabout. I am taking 2nd exit. Move to the left lane. No signal, if no obstruction on right hand drive along the left lane. Keep driving on the left lane. Signal left on approacing next entry on the left side. This indicates the car behind you your intension to leave the roundabout on next [...]

Hatched Road Markings or simply hatch markings

На hatch marking можно вьезжать если необходимо. Не путать с shevron markings на пути в аэропорт указывают направление. Hatched road markings are used: 1. To separate traffic lanes. 2. To make it safer for the vehicles turning right. Many learner drivers try to avoid driving on them but legally you should drive on hatch markings [...]

Maneouvre pinner green 2 roundabouts on the way to Pinner Test centre

1. Drive on 2. Do MSM (move) to the left after passing Shell petrol station, cancel left signal because on next roundabout you are using 2nd exit (straight) 3. Use 2nd exit (straight) on next mini roundabout. 4. Use 2nd exit and pass when no car on the right and no car on roundabout 5. [...]