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Most useful is MSPL routine

For effective driving use MSPL all the time. Only on T junctions and roundabouts LADA routine could be more useful

Assess the distance to the vehicle behind in mirrors

If driver seems vehicle in interior and side mirror (left or right) – the vehicle behind is near. If driver seems the vehicle only in interior mirror but not in any of side mirorrs – vehicle behind is far. Such assessment could be helpful when driver makes decision on whether to change lanes or not.

Assessment of the road for driver

While driving look far ahead and try to assess well ahead as much as u can. Same as when playing chess it is important to assess and predict how the current combination would develop.

Sharp bends

If sharp bend on the right – keep car close to kerb / sort of  – drive into the kerb – as it goes If sharp bend on the left – keep car close to road’s central broken line / sort of  – drive into the road’s central broken line – as it goes

Pinner Driving Test Route 1

Glosarry: EOR – End Of Road T/L – Traffic Light DTC – Driving Test Centre  

Exterior mirrors

The more you see side of the car in exterior mirrors the more blindspot is. The side of the car should be seen in mirror only little bit.

Slip road

Slip road is the road that merges with dual carriageway or motoroad and finishes later on. It helps your you to build right speed and the dual carriageway or more often a motorway more smoothly. Sometimes slip road becomes a road itself. You must change lane after you emerged into dual carriageway or motorway as [...]

How-to get moved on a busy road to turn right

Move half way and then wait and turn right (Same way i did in Pinner)

On the traffic light passed the crossroad and right traffic light turned on

In such situation continue your driving to clean the road. Continue driving towards next exit on the road. If you crossed the stop line at the traffic light before traffic light turned red then you must continue driving and follow the road signals ahead

Signal before turning left or right

Do the following routine заблоговременно как только поступила инструкция turn left or right Always before signaling check: 1. Interior mirror, 2. Exterior mirror to the side of turning (left or right), 3. Signal left or right